At Nutrisoma Wellness we take a genuine interest in each clients long term journey. That journey includes their past history with nutrition and wellness. As well as their vision for the future concerning their personal health.

Because we are "big picture" focused this means we are not the right fit for some who are looking for quick fixes. We have created our Level Up system as a way to help clients and potential clients understand the milestones necessary to have real long term success on this journey. By strategically and incrementally educating and equipping our clients we help empower them to transform their lives applying what they have learned along the way.

It troubles us to see the health and wellness space filled with quick fix claims and prepackaged programs distributed to the masses. The truth is that those approaches do more harm than good. We prefer to work with people who are willing to do what it actually takes to see long term change in their lives concerning their wellness - and the truth is that it takes time, it takes commitment and it takes real transformation.

You may be "shopping around" for a Coach to help you with your goals, and you should make an informed decision, so we encourage researching your options. Our hope for you, whether you choose us or another provider, is that you will partner with someone who is honest with you upfront about what it truly takes to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Please steer clear of any provider that promotes a "challenge" or an "exclusive" fad diet or process. If you go that direction - you may very well see results in the short term, only to find that the method is unsustainable as a lifestyle - this is where we get the term "yo-yo dieting". Quick results and and a quick relapse.
There is an ancient proverb that says, "Give a man a fish - feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

At Nutrisoma Wellness we don't do prepackaged plans or cookie cutter protocols. We work with every client to teach them how to construct their own nutrition and meal planning in a way that compliments their goals and preferences.

With the knowledge to understand and construct your own healthy meal plan you can manage your own health with confidence.

The same holds true for your modality of exercise. Each person has different needs, preferences, resources and goals so how could a premade plan accomplish the same outcomes for different needs.

We strive to educate and equip you to be a confident steward of your own heath and wellness. 
We can't and no one else can either - and if they are  - they are being dishonest with you. Why, because ultimately the responsibility for results rests on you, the client.

We can guarantee that we will work along side you as a partner to educate you, engage you and empower you to make the necessary changes to meet your goals - but we can't follow you home, or to the grocery store, or to the restaurant. Only you can do that.

This is why we only accept clients who are serious about transformation. Transformation includes, establishing a growth mindset, learning new things, putting those things into practice, experimenting, tweaking, adapting and patience with yourself and the process.

We believe that real growth happens as a result of the transformational journey and different outcomes are a result of transformation. Therefore, we have designed our client journey to facilitate their desired outcomes through their own transformational journey - but it is a partnership - and both partners have to willingly participate in the process for it to bring desired outcomes.
We do an Initial Intake assessment with our clients that helps us together determine the best point of entry for them.

Our Level 1 Package focuses on developing motivation, knowledge and skills that lead to success. If a potential client comes to us with a proven track record of applying all Level 1 proficiencies on their own, then we will consider them for Level 2. However, the vast majority of our clients begin at Level 1 and then graduate to level 2 when they are truly ready and confident to take that next step.

Level 1 prepares our clients to be truly successful in Level 2. Level 2 is where our clients begin to develop higher levels of competence and independence in the personal wellness journey.

For a client to be accepted into our Level 3 Cohort they must have completed our Level 1 and 2 packages at least once or be referred to us by a current Level 3 member.
Our Coach's are regularly monitoring their client's metrics and bio-feedback while also staying attuned to their current location on the spectrum of their journey and goals.

A Coach may want to communicate some updates, new recommendations or strategies, or gather more information at any given time. At these times the Coach will often create a short video communicating the updates or recommendations and send it to the client within our private client portal and app.

This keeps two way communication fresh and focused throughout the journey. Of course our Coach's are also available via messaging and scheduled sessions in alignment with the clients current package as well.