Our Initial Assessment process will help us determine the current level of proficiency that you have concerning The Domains of Health and Wellness™ and the associated knowledge and skills that are needed to be successful at mastering each domain. This determination will then inform and direct our protocols and strategies for success.

Level 1 Clients

The General Population

Our Level 1 Clients are individuals who initially have little or no experience or education concerning the necessary skills and strategies to successfully have long term sustainable results in optimizing their nutrition, health and wellness.

Level 2 Clients

Wellness Practitioners

Our level 2 clients have a history of successfully managing their wellness and nutrition over long periods of time. They have an intermediate level of education and the supporting skill set to expect successful results for their efforts.

Level 3 Clients


Our level 3 clients are individuals who have mastered skills and strategies that have led to their long-term health and wellness. These individuals usually have very specific health goals, or a desire to excel or compete in their preferred modality of fitness.