The Initial Assessment and Coaching Session

During our Initial Intake Process we ask you to complete a thorough assessment of your current reality concerning all things health, wellness and nutrition related. This Initial Wellness Assessment is a foundation set of data that will help you and your coach understand you, your history and your needs with greater clarity.

The FitVision Triangle™

The FitVision Triangle™ allows us to set a clear vision for where you want to go with your health and nutrition goals. We will work together to really clarify our first phase together as we look to customize your unique FitVision Coaching strategy.

The FitVision Periodization Model™

The FitVision Periodization Model™ takes a methodic approach to fulfilling your FitVision. We go through 4 phases of focus with various intensity and goals to give your body exactly what it needs to meet the demands of your long term FitVision. This approach means long term success for you and your goals.

Personalized Recommendations and Action Plan for You

Your needs and desires and goals are unique to you. Your Coach will work with you to craft a completely personalized and customized strategy and step by step plan to move you progressively towards your long term goals.

Relationship Based Accountability

One aspect of Coaching that makes it so special is its inherent permission to provide encouraging feedback and accountability. Our Coaches strive to build trust and encouragement into the relationship while at the same time keeping you honest and accountable to the goals that you set for yourself. We do this through regular communication and availability to support you when the challenges get in the way.

We Leverage Technology

Nutrisoma Wellness is a technology oriented organization and we are driven by the desire to make our client experience as rich and efficient as possible. To that end we provide Virtual Online Coaching, access to our Private Online Client Health Portal and App, as well as free access to some of the most comprehensive nutrition and wellness tools available to our clients.